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This is me! If you’re going to Louis’ match tomorrow keep your eyes peeled and say hi if you see me!

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The closest we’ll ever come to an ot5, Louis-centric bukkake. Sigh.

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This blog is going on hiatus!

I’m shutting down for Christmas & New Year as I’m going to transform this blog for 2014. I’m going to be heading towards where my main interest lies and that’s with Larry. 1D Oaps will become a primarily Larry blog in the New Year with a new look, a new name, more fics and loads more cool stuff. I just want to let everyone know the plan so some of you can unfollow if you want. I know Larry isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (to put it lightly) so if that’s not something you want to see more of, I understand the unfollowing.
Thanks for the support guys! Have a great Christmas and I’ll see you in the new year :)
Nat xx

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"Hello sir are you looking to buy a property?"

"No, I am here to make a complaint! It has taken a year and a half to renovate the house I bought from you when it never takes that long for any other property to be finished."

"Sir, can I ju-"

"I mean do you realise…

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One Direction Behind-the-Scenes - Macy’s Presents “What’s in Store?”

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niall horan

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[pushes harry styles out of the way] you’re blocking my view of your sister

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